Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grandparent Case Study

Jasper and General Sherman (the sequoia that is)

urban-cabin style.

Jasper and General Sherman

sylvan wonderland

Jasper's Third Month

3 months - big observant eyes, lots of laughter, belly rolls, neck rolls, thigh rolls,
unpleasant car-rides in the back seat with mommy, discovery of the "magic" hand

Jasper's Second Month

2 months - first smile, first restaurant, first botanical garden, first chicken suit, first folk songs

Jasper's First Month

1 month - long meals, short naps, walks to the farmer's market, walks at 2am, nights spent in the armchair, welcomed meals from others, surprise packages, inquisitive gazes, little body but strong will

Humble Beginnings

one day old.